How to write a killer CV

We’ve all been there. You’re applying for a new job, and you’re wondering exactly what makes a great CV. To help make sure your CV stands out from the crowd, we’ve put together our top tips.

Is all your CV information up to date?

A great starting point – it’s critical that your CV reflects your current working situation. Make sure your qualifications, work experience and employment details are up to date. Recruiters want to see it all.

Make it interesting!

The last thing recruitment teams want, is to read through clichéd biographies – and to be honest they will probably stop reading fairly quickly! Make your CV stand out, tell them something unique to demonstrate your abilities and ultimately engage them.

Is your CV compatible with the job application?

Cater your CV to the job you are applying for. Be sure to re-read a breakdown of the job role, and the skills the recruiter is looking for. Do these skills link to previous experience you’ve had? Make sure to include this and tailor your CV to the specific position.

Demonstrate your excellence

Treat your CV like a first interview. It’s a critical first impression, so make sure it conveys your quality and transferrable attributes. Your CV should be something you are proud to shout about!

Is it coherent and to the point?

Recruiters want to read and select information from your CV promptly. Ensure you have taken the time to correctly format it, breaking down key facts into bullet points for a clear lay out. Use definitive headings so that recruiters can simply find the information they are looking for.

Have you proofread it?

Ensure your grammar and spelling has been thoroughly checked. This is another CV essential. Demonstrate that you’ve taken your time to get yours right. Ask somebody else to take a look at it with fresh eyes.

Provide your contact details

By all means provide your telephone number and email address, but now we’re firmly in the digital age of recruitment, why not include your professional LinkedIn profile as a point of reference? Potential employers will appreciate your keen, transparent attitude.

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