What to look for in an employer

Candidates focus a lot of time making sure that they are right for the job in question; but do they really know if the company they are looking to join is right for them? When in this situation, there are certain company traits to look out for.


It is reassuring to know how well-established a potential employer is before joining them. From having the reassurance that they are either a long standing organisation or at least have a secure, solid income, you will feel a lot more comfortable accepting the job role knowing you are part of the wider picture.

Investment in People

It is a good indication, when seeking for a new job opportunity, to know whether the organisation focuses on investing in its’ staff. If organisations hold an Investors in People status, it is clear that they are focused on staff engagement, CSR, culture, integrity, as well as talent training and management. This status is recognised worldwide as a sign of quality, and certainly represents the employer as one of choice.

Staff Training

Stemming from investing in people, the best employers will have a focus on training and developing their employees. By mentoring and coaching staff, allowing them to build skills and excel through to different job roles, you can expect to have the opportunity for growth.


Depending on your circumstances, the flexibility of the job will be of varying importance. If you have week day commitments, a 9-5 job may not be for you. Look into the working hours, and what the job contract entails to ensure your needs match the employers.

Strong Core Values

Research your potential employer well, so you know that you are joining a company which has strong core values and beliefs. If you identify with the values; it is an indication that the company may be right for you.

Reward schemes

Research the potential employer’s benefits package. For example, do they have an employee reward platform, staff recognition awards or staff discount? These factors could all make a difference to your happiness in your future career.

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