The benefits of high quality timber frame

The Structural Timber Association’s (STA) Timber Trend Report, published at the end of 2015, forecasted that timber frame is on track to account for 27% of new housing by 2017.

There’s not one method of construction to fit all projects, as each one is different. However, Ridgeons has seen a notable increase in timber frame projects within the last eighteen months for both stick built homes and prefabricated homes. More and more people are becoming aware of the advantages of high quality timber frame buildings. So, what are they?

Mark Dando, Specialist Rep for Timber and Timber Panel Products at Ridgeons discusses..

Speed of construction

The speed of constuction means the government has recognised timber frame as a viable solution to help them meet targets in relation to building new homes quickly. Compared to a traditional build which would usually take up to a few months, timber frame could be finalised within 4 weeks. Additionally, timber frame is not weather dependent, allowing the whole building process to be completed faster.”

A sustainable building material

Timber is undoubtedly one of the most sustainable building materials. The process of producing timber is also energy efficient, as most of the energy used in the production comes from wood residues.”

Timber is a natural insulator

Thermal efficiency is another key benefit of this construction method. Heat is retained, as the air leaking out of the building envelope is significantly reduced, and homeowners can enjoy lower energy bills.”

Superior acoustic performance

With durability and flexible detailing, timber has strong properties to ensure building owners have more control over sound throughout the property. Sound can be easily absorbed through timber, which disrupts soundwave energy, and therefore limits extravagant echoing. This feature has certainly led to some high-profile specifications for public buildings in recent years.”

Wide availability

Many projects require certified timber panels. With many merchants offering an ever-increasing range of certified products, housebuilders should be able to efficiently source the correct building materials. At Ridgeons, every branch has been awarded Chain of Custody certification; which enables us to offer fully certified FSC® and PEFC® products including softwoods, hardwoods, sheet materials and engineered wood products.”


With benefits for both housebuilders and homeowners, it is clear to see why there has been an increase in timber frame being selected as the construction method of choice.

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